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"Rhetoric is rooted in an essential function of language itself, a function that is wholly realistic and continually born anew: the use of language as a symbolic means of inducing cooperation in beings that by nature respond to symbols."
-Kenneth Burke


About the Program

The University Writing Program was created in 1984 to ensure that students understand the forms and processes used by successful college-level writers, and that they continue to mature as writers in undergraduate and post-college settings.

Our faculty administer the required expository writing courses and assist departments and preprofessional programs in developing writing instruction for degree candidates in their specific fields. We offer a range of carefully developed undergraduate writing classes ranging from general courses in academic writing at the first-year college level to seminars in discipline-based and professional writing and rhetoric for upper-division students.


News and Announcements

Fall Registration Begins April 14

Excellence in Writing

The Annual Writing Award Ceremony will be held Monday, April 21 in the Faculty Lounge, 2100 LNCO at 3:30 p.m. The Ceremony recognizes students who have achieved an exemplary standard of university writing at the lower and upper-division levels. Refreshments will be served. 

Fellowships and Awards

Congratulations to graduate students-- Sarah Bell, Fiona Harris- Ramsby, Susan Sample, and Amy Williams-- who received national, university and departmental fellowships and awards for 2013-2014. For a description of their projects, click here.









WRTG 4040/6040: Digital Rhetoric

Write. Think. Engage.


Take a writing course fall semester.  

Registration begins April 14, 2014.


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