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The Kenneth and Eva Meng Wollam Endowed Scholarship

Jean Wollam honors her parents by creating The Kenneth and Eva Meng Wollam Endowed Scholarship in Writing and Rhetoric Studies. The scholarship is awarded annually by the Department of Writing and Rhetoric Studies to 2 incoming students in the Writing Studies Scholars program who will be the first generation of their family to earn a bachelor's degree.

If interested, please email Christie Toth at

The Water Buffalo Scholarship


An older southeast asian woman wearing a gold dress is smiling while sitting in a chair. Next to her adult granddaugther wearing a floral dress and she is also smiling.

Photo of Divina A. Castillo (Lola Vin)

A black and white photo of an southeast asian woman smoking a cigar. Her hair and dress are styled in an 1930s fashion.

Photo of Caridad G. Andres (Nanang)


Joanne Castillo, a Writing & Rhetoric Studies Major from the Class of 2019, honors her grandmothers, Davina A. Castillo (Lola Vin) and Caridad G. Andres (Nanang), by establishing The Water Buffalo Endowed Scholarship within the Department of Writing & Rhetoric Studies. This scholarship is created to support non-traditional students from historically minoritized backgrounds who aspire to attend Writing & Rhetoric Studies or Humanities classes during the summer term. The core purpose of this scholarship is to further the love for the written word, echoing the values instilled by Lola Vin, and to commemorate Nanang's remarkable talent for presenting diverse perspectives effectively. Awarded annually, the scholarship covers enrollment for one summer course and is contingent upon the availability of funds.

Priority application deadline for Writing Studies Scholars: March 15th

Application deadline for all other Writing & Rhetoric: March 31st

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The Pilar Pobil Humanities Scholarship

Image of Pilar Pobil wearing a green shirtThe Pilar Pobil Legacy Foundation has established an endowment that will permanently fund the Pilar Pobil Humanities Scholarship in the College of Humanities. The scholarship will aid first-generation college students in the Writing Studies Scholars Program who have demonstrated a commitment to human rights and social justice.

The foundation is committed to honoring Pobil’s contributions to the arts and humanities. To recognize Pobil’s impact, the foundation has financially secured an annual scholarship that will last forever. As a writer, painter, and sculptor, Pobil has been devoted to promoting human rights through the humanities. Pobil has received many honors and awards, both locally and internationally. In 2019, she was named one of Utah’s 15 Most Influential Artists. In 2016, she was knighted by the King of Spain for her extraordinary contribution to Spanish culture. She projects a tremendous presence at the College of Humanities through her many vibrant paintings that grace its halls.

Application coming soon!


The Toth Awards Fund

Black and white image of Jane and Charles Toth

Associate Professor Christie Toth honors her grandparents, Jane and Charles Toth, by establishing the Toth Awards Fund within the Department of Writing and Rhetoric Studies. Jane and Charles Toth were avid readers who devoted their lives to learning even when they weren’t sure how the bills would get paid.

 The Toth Awards Fund offers emergency scholarship funding and cash assistance to students currently enrolled in the Writing and Rhetoric Studies degree programs who are facing financial hardships that might otherwise prevent them from completing their coursework. Priority will be given to students who are ineligible for federal financial aid due to factors such as documentation status, exceeded lifetime credit limits, dependent status with non-contributing parents, or the inability to enroll in courses full-time.

The award is funded through payroll deduction, contributions from family and friends, and proceeds from the book Transfer in an Urban Writing Ecology: Reimagining Community College-University Relations in Composition Studies, which was co-authored with transfer students and faculty colleagues from Salt Lake Community College.

To discuss eligibility, please contact Christie Toth at





Last Updated: 11/20/23